Elkhart girl battling cancer finishes Chemotherapy

Aine Bolmer, a young Elkhart girl battling cancer, has finished her Chemotherapy.

On Wednesday, 16 News Now received some photos of her ringing the bell at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. She went through 14 rounds of chemo after she was taken to a sports medicine doctor, for what was first thought to be a pulled muscle. Instead, it turned out to be a tumor.

It was later discovered to be Ewing Sarcoma, which is a type of tumor that forms in the bone or soft tissue.

Now, the fights not over for her just yet, as she still has one more thing to do.

Back in December of 2018, Maureen McFadden told Aine's story and found out that she wants to be a mom someday.

Unfortunately, in addition to battling cancer, doctors told Aine and her mom that there was an 80% chance Aine's ovaries would no longer function. So Aine wants to preserve her eggs so that if she beats cancer she would still have the chance to become a mom.

Cancer Resources of Elkhart County is raising for an experimental procedure that could help with Aine's dream.

If you want to help you can make a donation to the Cancer Resources of Elkhart County or go to GoFundMe: Cheering for Aine and donate there.