Election 2020: Where democratic candidates stand on health care

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- As a diabetic in Michigan, Sarah Stark depends on insulin to survive.

In this Jan. 24, 2012 photo, Terri Kroh, the director of pharmacy services at Duquesne University's Center for Pharmacy Services fills a prescription at the store in the Hill District of Pittsburgh. (AP Photo/Keith Srakocic)

“Every aspect of my life is viewed through the lens of diabetes,” said the Michigan resident.
Stark says her daily medical costs are increasing, so she took a trip to Capitol Hill to advocate for lowering prescription drug costs.

“It impacts my car insurance, where I live, if I go back to school or not,” she added.
This week, as Michiganders take to the polls for the presidential primary election, Stark will have another chance to be heard.

According to Christen Link Young with The Brookings Institution, each candidate on the presidential primary ticket has their own healthcare ideas.

“The democratic candidates are united in talking about policies that would spend additional federal resources to decrease the number of individuals who are uninsured,” said Young.

Senator Bernie Sanders aims to eliminate out of pocket patient expenses, under his Medicare-for-all platform. He also has a plan to put a $200 cap on individual drug costs.
However, Young says his plan could require tax increases. 

You can view Sen. Sanders' health care plans here.

As for former Vice President Joe Biden, he wants to expand Obamacare to allow more people to purchase plans through the marketplace exchange. It would most likely be cheaper than the Medicare-for-all approach.
Young says that kind of policy would likely leave some Americans uninsured, but it would require less disruption to the current system.

Both candidates vow to increase access to health care in rural areas by assisting struggling hospitals.

You can view Biden’s health care plans here.

Both of these candidate plans stand in stark contrast to President Trump’s 2016 platform to repeal and replace Obama care. As for 2020, the President is touting his work to increase the availability of short term and small business health care plans.

You can view President Trump’s health care plans here.

It’s important to note Tulsi Gabbard is still in the democratic presidential primary race. She also supports a single-payer heath care system. 

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