E-learning days for SBCSC students set new challenges for parents

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) Students and parents are getting their first glimpse of a new normal with the next two weeks being e-learning days at South Bend Community Schools.

At James Monroe School, parents and students could pick up meals they'd typically get at school, to bring home.

Families picked up more than one hundred meals in just the first hour.
Making sure their kids are fed is one thing, but making sure they're keeping up with their school work is a challenge all on its own for some parents.

16 News Now spoke to one who said that their goal is to finish all the work expected by the school, but distractions at home make that difficult.

"Hopefully to get all the work done. My daughter has a learning disability so her attention span is really short so its very difficult with having her sister around to be able to actually get it all done," said Stephanie Jancovich.

Another parent who home schooled one of her kids before says having all of them home for e-learning is a new challenge.

"These two are pretty young and close in age so it's very hard to get them to cooperate as far as homeschooling goes. My 15 year old I actually home schooled from second grade all the way up to Freshman year so he's just working independently and doing really well. But these two--a first and second grader together in one room--it's been almost impossible to get anything done this morning," said Glenna Moore.

Students with limited internet access might have better luck on Wednesday when the WiFi equipped school buses park in South Bend neighborhoods.

You can find the map for free WiFi locations around the city on the South Bend Community School Corporation website.