Donation drive to collect household items for wounded veterans

Published: Apr. 16, 2018 at 1:11 PM EDT
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A local donation drive is collecting household items for wounded veterans living in the Warrior Transition Unit at Walter Reed Bethesda National Medical Military Center.

This is the seventh year that the South Bend community has reached out to help. Blue Star Mothers of Northern Indiana and the attorneys at Sweeney Julian in South Bend are running the collection drive.

Service members living in the Warrior Transition Unit are undergoing treatment and rehabilitation for physical and mental wounds received in combat.

“We want to provide each service member who checks in as a new resident at the WTU with all the household items essential to everyday living,” said Frank Julian, former U.S. Navy surface warfare officer, and managing attorney at Sweeney Julian Personal Injury Trial Attorneys PC. “These heroes need to be entirely focused on their recovery, not spending their time, or the money they often do not have, shopping for the things we all have and need that make a place feel like home.”

According to Sweeney Julian, "There are 135 residential units at Walter Reed. Wounded service members attached to the WTU will reside there anywhere from six months to four years, depending on the severity of their injuries and the care needed for their transition back to military or civilian life. Walter Reed provides each resident the bare-bone household basics they need to get by. The rest — the comfort items — is all provided through donations. The goal of the BSM donation drive is to collect enough new, small household appliances and utensils, dishes, bedding, towels, etc., to completely outfit the apartment or room for every new resident wounded warrior."

The donation drive will run from April 16-20.

Brand new, unused items are being collected at the Sweeney Julian offices at 1620 South Bend Ave.

A group of Blue Star Mothers will drive to Maryland to deliver the donations.

Requested donations include brand new, unused:

● Cleaning Supplies

● Picture Frames (4x6)

● Buckets

● Microfiber Cloths

● Dish Soap

● Dish Sponges

● Kitchen Towels

● Cleaning Brushes

● Pot Holders

● Multi-purpose Cleaner

● Oven Mitts

● Window Cleaner

● Laundry Soap

● Kitchen Utensils

● Toilet Bowl Cleaner

● Bath Towels

● Hand Towels

● Cutting Boards

● Bath Washcloths

● Measuring Spoons

● Measuring Cups

● Ink Pens

● Mixing Bowls

● Puzzle Books

● Clothes Baskets

● Blankets

● Toasters

● Coffee Makers

● Crockpots

● Plungers

● Toilet Brushes

● Trash Bags

● Chip Clips

● Dish Soap Wands