Dog missing after surviving crash that killed its owner

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ind. (WNDU) - A dog is missing after surviving a crash that killed its owner in Marshall County on Tuesday.

While drivers are back along US-30 and Plymouth Goshen Trail just two days after a fatal crash in Marshall County, the family of 44-year-old Dorcas Figueroa Hernandez of South Bend is grieving.

“It was a very serious, very serious crash. I mean, she was hit by a semi. They’re just lucky anybody survived the crash,” Marshall County Humane Society Director Nancy Cox says.

Police say Hernandez attempted to cross over US-30 and pulled into the path of a semi-truck that was going eastbound. That is when both vehicles hit, killing Hernandez.

Her daughter, a passenger in the crash, was airlifted to a Memorial Hospital in South Bend. According to family, she was treated for non-life threatening injuries. The driver of the semi-truck was able to walk away without injury.

The only thing left missing from the crash now is the family dog Jasmine.

“The dog was just at a stay at the vet for like 10 days, and the family had just went in to get its stitches removed from surgery. So, it was an exciting event bringing their dog home. Sadly, after they were on their way home they were in this accident,” Cox says.

Cox says a firefighter on scene told her that a woman in a yellow Hummer stopped to help medics on scene shortly after the crash.

Officials say the woman secured the dog in her car and told police she would take it straight to the vet. However, Cox says Jasmine was never brought in.

“We get lots of dogs from accidents, lots of pets from accidents. Normally, she would’ve came into the shelter but it wasn’t. Hopefully someone knows where this dog is so the family can have a little bit of closure and get their dog back to help heal,” Cox says.

Anyone with any information that could lead to the whereabouts of Jasmine should contact the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office at 574-936-3107 or the Marshall County Humane Society at 574-936-8300.