Doctors to evaluate sanity of man accused of torturing puppy

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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) – The lawyer representing a South Bend man accused of torturing and killing a puppy in a clothes dryer filed on Monday for a competency evaluation.

Eighteen-year-old Jeremy Lindsey was arrested on Jan. 29 after his stepmother found the family puppy, Cammie, dead on the couch at their home off Sherman Avenue.

According to court documents, she found the puppy with several scrapes and told police it looked like it was hit by a car. She later found blood and hair in the dryer that Lindsey allegedly used to kill the puppy.

Lindsey reportedly told police he did it because Cammie was being mean to the house cat.

The judge ordered that two doctors evaluate Lindsey on whether he is competent to stand trial and whether he is sane.

He faces up to six years in prison and is expected to be back in court on April 27.