Disabled Elkhart man has ATV stolen from yard

Ron Cook says his 2004 Polaris Sportsman 500 was stolen from his yard last weekend.
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An Elkhart man is hoping police and others can help return his ATV which was stolen last weekend.

Ron Cook doesn't have a garage; he says his ATV was on a trailer hooked up to his pickup when he says thieves rolled his Polaris off the trailer, loaded it up and fled.

Cook says the theft happened sometime early Saturday morning.

For a man who struggles with mobility, Cook says the loss is devastating.

“I had parked it back here,” Cook says while walking behind his house.

Cook knows exactly where he left his ATV last weekend.

“When I went to put my dogs out, that's when I noticed it was gone,” Cook said.

At some point Saturday morning, Cook says thieves pulled into his yard and made off with his Polaris ATV.

“I'm grateful they didn't take my trailer,” Cook said.

Cook's first call was to Elkhart police, who quickly made a report.

“It was too cold for them to get any kind of prints off the trailer,” Cook said.

No prints, and any sound easily drowned out by the train in his backyard and Main Street traffic.

“The odds aren't very good on getting it back. You have the bypass right here and 33. They could've went any direction with it and been gone in seconds,” Cook said.

Cook, a cancer survivor living on disability, says he doesn't have the money to replace the vehicle.

“I have good days and bad days. And I rely on my truck and my quad to help me do things,” Cook said.

But as spring draws near, one really good day would be the one when someone could reunite him with his stolen ATV.

Cook says he spoke with staff at North End Cycle, an ATV dealer in Elkhart to enter the ATV’s vin number into a national Polaris database.

That way, Cook says it may show up if anyone tries to bring the vehicle for parts or repairs to a Polaris dealer around the US.

Anyone with information that may help in getting the ATV back is encouraged to call Elkhart police at 574-295-7070.