Death of admiral with ND ties reignites discussion of military mental health care

(NBC) - The U.S. Navy continues to search for answers following the mysterious death of a top admiral and Notre Dame grad in Bahrain.

Fifty-eight-year-old Vice Admiral Scott Stearney was found dead Saturday at his residence in Bahrain. His death, an apparent suicide, is under investigation, but no other details have been released.

The highly decorated, three-star admiral had commanded the navy's critical 5th Fleet since May. It is a demanding job overseeing U.S. warships in the Middle East and helping to coordinate strikes against the Islamic State group and the Taliban.

Stearney's death now sounds a new alarm on mental health treatment in the military.

"These are mental health problems with the most serious consequences, and they require skilled psychiatric or medical intervention," Officer Barry McCaffrey said.

Stearney was married with two sons, one of whom is reportedly in the navy.