Notre Dame's outreach illuminated by the Notre Dame Trail

Published: Aug. 19, 2017 at 11:05 PM EDT
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Dozens of pilgrims on the Notre Dame Trail have crossed similar paths. Many of them have attended or are associated with the University of Notre Dame.

But what is South Bend without Notre Dame?

“I mean what is Notre Dame without South Bend?” asked John Affleck-Graves, executive VP of Notre Dame University.

His answer is a core reasons why the university is continuing community outreach events, such as The Notre Dame Trail. He believes this pilgrimage helps illuminate the outreach of the university.

Although the core 32 members are associated with the school, Notre Dame has offered others in the community to take part in this momentous occasion, right up to and including the final day.

“Notre Dame is a part of South Bend and South Bend is a part of Notre Dame,” said Carol Mullaney, a 1982 graduate and Notre Dame Trail pilgrim.

“I think there’s just tremendous partnership right now, there always has been but I think it’s even stronger now than it ever has been on many different levels.”

And like the camaraderie witnessed on this trail, the relationship between the community and Notre Dame seem to be getting stronger.

“Because our futures and our pasts are inextricably linked together, everything that we’ve become is because of the support from South Bend,” said Affleck-Graves. “Hopefully we contributed to the city as well but we can do much more.”

The journey continues bright and early Sunday morning in Lafayette, Indiana as pilgrims continue to follow in the footsteps of Fr. Sorin, back to South Bend, and of course, Notre Dame University.


for more information about the Notre Dame Trail and how you can be a part of history.