Daddy-Daughter Pro-Am gives golfers chance to play with the pros

SOUTH BEND, Ind. The Four Winds Invitational gets underway Friday at Blackthorn Golf Club in South Bend. On Thursday, a few of the golfers played a round with dads and their daughters.

The Daddy-Daughter Pro-Am paired each duo with a pro golfer for a nine hole scramble.

Those playing on the Symetra Tour say they enjoy connecting with younger people and inspiring them to stick with the sport.

"I just really enjoy playing with younger people and seeing what part of the journey they're on," said pro golfer Lauren Kim. "And, I don't know, hopefully see them in a few years."

"I play a lot of golf with my daughter," said Fred Sandler, who golfed with his daughter, Nadia. "Every time we go out, it's special. It's gotta be. There's nothing like it."

Nadia Sandler will play golf this fall at The Citadel, so she jumped at the chance to get in a round with a pro.

The Symetra Tour is considered the Road to the LPGA.