Culver Elementary principal to use Martin's grant for emergency safety kits

 Erin Proskey
Erin Proskey (WNDU)
Published: Nov. 7, 2017 at 6:07 PM EST
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The classrooms at Culver Elementary School are equipped with tools and materials for kids to learn. You’ll also find bags that will help keep kids safe.

They're emergency safety kits assembled by principal Erin Proskey, who also serves as the school safety specialist for Culver Community School Corporation.

Proskey uses donations and other resources to fill the emergency kits.

“In this day and age, we have to make sure in the event of a crisis, that we have all the materials in place and all the procedures in place that we need to evacuate and make sure everybody is safe,” said Proskey.

In each bag are things like class lists, emergency contacts and procedures. Also, there are things like a flashlight, batteries and first aid items.

“We would hope that in those bags would be everything they would need in case of the event of an emergency,” said Proskey.

There are also card games.

“I've asked the teachers to put in what they think the kids would enjoy in case they are stuck in a classroom for a period of time,” explained Proskey.

“It would like keep the kids calm and they wouldn't be all panicky if they're focusing on something else,” said Katie Marek, a 5th grader. “Instead of the crisis.”

“I think you should have both activities to keep the kids busy and not really loud,” said classmate Braiden Molebush. “The safety stuff in case somebody does get hurt, you can have that on hand.”

Proskey wants to expand the program to the middle and high schools. Thanks to Martin’s Super Markets’ "One School at a Time" grant, now they can.

“The money will be used to create more safety kits and supply bags for the middle school and high school. I've created them for the elementary, and at this point I plan on creating about 50 more kits,” said Proskey.

The bags are used during every fire or tornado drill. Proskey wants teachers and students to be prepared, not scared.

“We have to have safety drills a few times a year, and unfortunately we have to prepare ourselves for the case of an emergency. Make sure all the kids are prepared and the teachers are prepared in case disaster strikes,” said Proskey.

It’s a practiced approach to keeping kids safe.

If you want to help your school with a specific need, you can apply for Martin's Super Markets' "One School at a Time" grant.

Just fill out an application online at

The winning school gets $1,000 from Martin's Super Markets.