Cross-country bike ride raises over $11M for those with disabilities

For a month now, bike riders have been on one amazing trek across the country, and all to help some very special people.

It's a cross-country bike ride like no other, all to support a Houston non-profit called "The Center" which helps people with disabilities.

The ride began last month in Oregon and has been continuing across the country for 3,500 miles!

Monday, they made it to South Bend.

Their mission is to improve the lives of the eleven million Americans with disabilities.

David Baldwin, Pursuit Rider-in-Chief said, "All of our clients respond so passionately and favorably to the opportunity to learn how to live independently or to work in the community. So if you can give somebody a job or an opportunity to live independently, that has a disability, get involved and help out. You can make an amazing difference in somebodies life."

The original goal was to raise $11 million.

But now that they've surpassed that, they're hoping to raise another $2 million.