UPDATE: Crews investigate fire at Plymouth restaurant

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PLYMOUTH, Ind. (WNDU) - Crews battled a fire at Mi Camino Real, a Mexican restaurant in Plymouth. The fire has been put out and is under investigation.

Flames could be seen shooting out of the top of the building.

"As far as the major stuff that you could see from the outside, we got that knocked down pretty quick," Plymouth Fire Department Assistant Chief Steve Holm said.

The fire started just after 4 p.m. Tuesday. Most of the fire was contained to the front roof area of the building. The fire was under control in about 10 minutes, thanks to a quick response time and assistance from other departments.

LaPaz, Argos and Bremen fire departments lent their help.

"It seems like most of the fire was somewhere in there and ran up to the top of it," Holm said. "I haven't been inside, but from what I was told from the guys who were inside, there really isn't much fire damage if any at all in the inside. Mainly just smoke. So, most of it was contained in that outside wall."

Mi Camino Real is located at 2550 N. Michigan St.

The manager of the restaurant has his own theory as to what may have sparked the blaze.

"There were two guys dining on the patio," Manager Rene Lopez said. "They must have flicked a cigarette butt right where the floor meets the siding, because the fire started from the inside up. It wasn't a grease fire."

That theory has not been confirmed by fire officials.

Plymouth Fire Department says there was minimal damage to the inside of the restaurant, aside from water and smoke damage.

The restaurant will remain closed as the investigation into a cause continues and repairs are made.

"Let the smoke clear out before we can go back in there. As far as we know, the damage is outside, but we have to give it a few days probably for the smoke to clear out and for the insurance adjusters to come out," Lopez said.

No one was hurt in the fire.

Michigan Street in Plymouth was blocked off while crews were on scene, but it has since reopened.