Conflicting inspection reports on San Mar Kennels, lawyer filing appeal

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - San Mar Kennels, in South Bend, is fighting back after being told by the Humane Society of St. Joseph County they failed an inspection earlier this month.

Photo from Sarah Hull

The kennel is now being forced to shut down, which is why their attorney Bob Masters filed an appeal.

San Mar Kennels has been in business for nearly four decades and Masters claims the kennel has never had a problem with a permit before.

“People looking at San Mar have to resist the temptations of outrage culture, which expects people to make snap judgments without making a full consideration of all the facts,” Masters said.

The Humane Society’s inspection report, dated June 3rd, claimed things like dogs being overcrowded; dogs living in crates and dog cage banks; and the kennel failing to keep records of animals.

The appeal challenges the Humane Society's efforts to revoke San Mar Kennels permit.

“The Humane Society subjected San Mar to standards and criteria, which are different than the written criteria for obtaining a kennel permit published in Saint Joseph County law…and when asked to do more than any other kennel, it still met the test the Humane Society imposed,” Masters said.

Masters also claimed the Humane Society ignored evidence that San Mar Kennels was in fact in compliance with Saint Joseph County's animal care standards.

Ironically enough, a veterinarian, representing the State Board of Animal Health, was also present for the June 3rd inspection. Her findings were vastly different. That report claimed, "records for each dog seemed to be more easily correlated to each animal with the presence of cage cards on this visit” and "overall these animals' health and welfare did not appear to be in jeopardy in the current system."

Then there was another report, that day, written immediately following the inspection by a Humane Society Animal Welfare Officer.

"There are blank spaces all along the left column, where the animal control officer could have indicated that the animals were in unsanitary conditions…none of that is indicated on the report,” Masters said.

Masters hopes when they present the appeal, the facts will demonstrate San Mar was in compliance with the county's animal care regulations.