Community outraged after dog found covered in spray paint and duct tape

Published: Jan. 3, 2019 at 6:30 PM EST
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Photos posted on social media of a lost dog in Elkhart County have sparked outrage. A beagle was found with duct tape around its neck and its fur spray-painted.

The dog was reunited with her owner thanks to a


Though there was a happy ending, many are outraged at how the dog was found; and sadly, a local shelter says they see abuse like this almost daily.

“I was shocked completely,” said Jessica Lowe, whose husband found the dog. “I can’t believe somebody could even do that to her. She was the sweetest, [most] loving puppy ever.”

“We did document that she had orange spray paint sprayed on her body, as well as a piece of orange duct tape wrapped around her neck with a message stating that they needed to keep their dog at home,” said Katey Zemen, the executive director of the Animal Welfare League in Kosciusko County.

The family took the dog to the Animal Welfare League to file a found report.

They then took her back home and posted to a lost-and-found pets Facebook page, which led to the owners contacting the family.

“As soon as [the owner] started talking to her, she jumped up, started wagging her tail,” Lowe said. “They had sent me some pictures, because I wanted to be sure that it was the owners. I didn’t want to just give her back to anybody, and it was her.”

They found out the dog’s name is Peggy, and she and her owners were happily reunited; but the state in which she was found horrified everyone.

Zemen says if you see a neglected or abused animal, you should call police so that you don’t find yourself in a legal situation, and so the shelter can fully document the case.

“The shelter life is extremely difficult,” she said. “We have amazing people here that see this on a nearly daily basis.

“We have community members out there that are fighting for these animals and helping,” she added. “We appreciate that beyond measure, because there’s only so much we can do as a facility, so we really rely on those community members.”

“This is a great example of the community members coming together to help this animal.”

Because Peggy was found near the border of Elkhart and Kosciusko County, anyone with information regarding who did this to the dog should contact either the Humane Society of Elkhart County at 574-848-4225 or the Animal Welfare League of Kosciuscko County at 574-267-3008.