Citizens demand police tapes' release

Published: Oct. 28, 2019 at 4:26 PM EDT
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Some people in South Bend continue to demand the release of the police tapes that resulted in the demotion of the city’s first African American police chief.

A group met inside the County-City Building Monday.

“This is beyond a travesty of justice. This is beyond a simple crisis of credibility of the mayor. This goes to the heart of the fabric of American justice,” Pastor Mario Sims said.

The mayor’s office has refused to release the tapes, alleging they were illegally recorded. However, a national news and current events organization called the Young Turks, or TYT, has reported the tapes, among other things, contain plans to influence Mayor Pete Buttigieg to put certain people in positions of power in the police department.

Buttigieg's presidential campaign has called the TYT reporting "unsubstantiated allegations and rumors."

Last week, 16 News Now reported the South Bend Common Council

to discuss whether or not they should go forth with the seven-year lawsuit over the tapes being released publicly.

"The Young Turks has for the first time revealed documents that could independently establish what is on the recordings without the need to actually listen to the recordings,” said Tim Scott, the president of the South Bend Common Council.

On Monday, Mark Bode, spokesman for Mayor Buttigieg’s office, said, "Right now, the tapes are under court order, and we are awaiting the judge's decision."