Cirqzooladon Exhibit teaches history of the circus

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SOUTH BEND -- You can take your family to learn about the greatest show on Earth at the History Museum in South Bend.

You can visit the Cirqzooladon Exhibit to see how the circus began.

A man in England who was an equestrian and wanted to show his trick-riding to crowds decided to do his riding in a circle and added acrobats, jugglers, and clowns.

Thus, the circus was born.

In the US, Barnum and Bailey developed what we now think of as a circus... and you can see how their history ties into South Bend.

"In order to let the crowds know that a circus was in town, they would have a parade that would go right through the Main Street of town, and we have a lot of photographs in this exhibit of circus parades marching down Michigan Street in South Bend," said marketing director Marilyn Thompson.

The exhibit will be at the History Museum in South Bend through spring and early summer.