Chill out at Chill Hill Winery

Published: Jul. 19, 2019 at 3:29 PM EDT
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If you're looking for a great way to cool off and chill out during this wicked summer heat, you can head to the newest location added to the Michigan Wine Trail: Chill Hill.

"We've had a lot of people do tastings, and they're like, 'There's not a wine we dislike,'" manager Dan Nitz said.

The Nitz family knows a thing or two about good wine.

"We've been growing these commercial grapes since 1970, before that was juice grapes," Nitz said. "We've been increasing the acreage every year, and we're at 400 acres now."

Chill Hill winery is a family affair.

"I believe I'm the fourth generation here, my daughter is the fifth, and her son is the sixth or seventh," Nitz said. "In the past generations, our grandfather and great-grandfathers made wine in the basement."

For years, the Nitz family sold their grapes to surrounding wineries, but they recently decided to launch their own winery. Nitz thinks that decision would have made his grandfathers happy.

"They'd be proud," Nitz said. "They would be really excited to see going the next step, because we've been selling wholesale for all these years. Now, we took the step to do retail, so I think they'd be proud."

The Nitz family decided to keep the entire wine-making process in their home state of Michigan.

"We grow the grapes," Nitz said. "We've got about 400 acres up in Berrien Springs. We take a portion off and send up to Suttons Bay, Michigan. They make the wine up there."

To learn about their most popular wines and ciders, watch the video above.

For a full list of drinks or to learn more about the history of Chill Hill, check out