Cat steals the show at a fashion show in Istanbul

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ISTANBUL, Turkey (CNN) -- In the fashion world, models rule the catwalk.

Except when an actual cat shows up on the runaway.

As CNN'S Jeanne Moos reports, one cat stole a fashion show in Turkey…

To the delight of the crowd, the cat simply appeared at this Istanbul Fashion School show.

Models had to step around it, as it playfully swiped at them.

Istanbul is known as a city of roaming cats – so much so that there was even a documentary about them.

This one was said to have entered the show tent from a nearby garden, strutting as if to the beat of the music.

The fashion editor who shot this video said the cat stayed seven or eight minutes, a longer turn on the catwalk than any of the actual models.

The cat greeted its fans, and even sniffed an outstretched finger.