UPDATE: Cass County house fire displaces family of 5, including 1-week-old boy

CASS COUNTY, Mich (WNDU) A Cass County family that just had a baby a week ago is displaced after a fire burns their home.

16 News Now spoke to first responders and family members on scene to learn how this family of five can recover.

“Where do you go from here, what do you do next?” said the victims’ mother, Ramona Terry.

That's the question Derek and Erin Rutledge are faced with after a fire burned through their home--a total loss.

Thankfully there were no injuries.

For now, Erin’s mother Terry says she'll take in her daughter, son in-law, and three grandchildren including a one-week-old baby boy.

“Erin gave birth February 8th to our first grandson, Thomas Michael. All his stuff is in that house. Now what do they do,” she said.

“They've got two little girls, all their stuff is gone,” said Derek’s mother, Becky Rutledge.

“Morgan is 9 and Allison is 7. Now we've got to go out and find all the stuff for them and they've got school Tuesday morning. We've got to go and make sure they've got stuff to get to school,” Terry said.

Terry, who said she owns the house also said it's uninsured.

The Central Cass Fire Chief says signs for how the fire started point to the crawl space.

“It appears that it started underneath the water heater where there was a space heater and also the water lines were taped with electrical tape. Heavy, heavy smoke through the entire building. It appears that it started in the crawl space area and then went through the entire building,” said Central Cass Fire Chief Jeff Locke.

Terry says the rebuilding process will start soon.

“I mean you've got two parents and three kids, three dogs and a rabbit. They're not living there for quite a while so we've got to pull all that down and start over,” she said.

And it's a blessing that everyone is safe.

“You ask the little girls, family is everything,” Rutledge said.

The family says you can help by reaching out to Erin Rutledge on her cell: 269-362-9074

You can also reach out to her mother in-law (Becky Gross Rutledge) through Facebook to learn what the family needs and how you can help.

You can also contrubute to their Gofundme