Cass County becomes latest coronavirus hot spot in Indiana

Published: Apr. 27, 2020 at 5:29 PM EDT
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Indiana has a new coronavirus hot spot.

It’s Cass County where an emergency order now requires the use of a face mask while shopping at essential retail stores.

The Tyson meat packing plant in Logansport was shut down last week. Today some 700 new coronavirus cases were announced.

That puts the total number of Cass County cases at 1,025.

“I think as we follow this pandemic forward we’re going to see various areas. The key for us is that we’re able to identify. That’s ultimately the success of what we do moving forward is that we identify cases early we figure out those who have, appropriately isolate them both in the workforce and also from the community,” said Dr. Dan Rusyniak with Indiana’s Family and Social Services Administration.

In a news release officials with Logansport Memorial Hospital said: “ With this surge in positive cases, Logansport Memorial Hospital is not equipped with enough staff or

resources to care for everyone. Patients who are hospitalized for COVID-19 illness are needing to stay longer in the hospital for ongoing medical care, due to the severity of their symptoms. Please be aware that at this time, individuals with injuries or illness other than COVID-19 may be sent

or transferred for care to hospitals in surrounding counties, due to the volume of COVID-19 positive patients at Logansport Memorial Hospital.

New emergency orders allow one person per family to shop at essential retail stores at the same time and customers under age 16 won’t be allowed in.

Retailer stores must also limit the total number of customers to two per 1,000 feet of square footage.

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