Buttigieg weighs in on new state abortion laws

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CHICAGO (NBC) - Democratic presidential candidate and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg weighed in on abortion.

Buttigieg said new state restrictions on abortion has a bearing on personal freedoms. He spoke during a business group address in Chicago, questioning how free Americans really are if the government can, in his view, criminalize reproductive health.

He noted that Alabama's newly passed law could result in a longer prison term for a doctor performing an abortion than a woman's rapist.

"To see in Alabama that if someone is raped and she seeks an abortion, the doctor who treats her will be penalized with a longer prison term than her rapist, it makes me question whether the discussion about freedom in this country has gone off the rails," he said.

Buttigieg told reporters the intent of new abortion restrictions in Alabama and Georgia is to force a Supreme Court interpretation of Roe v. Wade.