Buttigieg speaks at South by Southwest town hall

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AUSTIN, Texas (WNDU) - South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg made an appearance Sunday night on CNN's town hall at the 2019 South by Southwest conference to discuss his potential run for president.

Buttigieg defended his position on abolishing the Electoral College, stating that the presidential candidate "who gets the most votes ought to be the person that wins."

He also refuted claims that his experience as mayor isn't enough to qualify him for the oval office.

"I have more years of government experience under my belt than the president," he said. "I've also got more years of executive government experience under my belt than the vice president and more military experience than anybody to walk into that office on Day 1 since George H.W. Bush. So, I get that I'm the young guy in the conversation. But I would say experience is what qualifies me to have a seat at this table."

Buttigieg, a veteran of the Afghanistan War, said he thinks his military experience could bring "a lot of perspective" to the office of the presidency.

Meanwhile, 12 other democratic presidential candidates spoke at South by Southwest.