Buttigieg special announcement moved indoors

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) - Spoiler alert: The paperwork that will turn the exploratory committee of Pete Buttigieg into a full-blown presidential campaign has already been filed in the nation’s capital.

That should give the apparent candidate plenty to talk about during a planned announcement Sunday.

While the question of whether or not he’ll run looks like a foregone conclusion, the question of whether or not the weather cooperates still looks like a long shot.

The event venue on Friday was changed from an outdoor location to an indoor location. Thanks to some last minute maneuvering, the festivities have been moved to the former Studebaker building 84.

“When they said, ‘Do you have a place?’ I’m like, 'Maybe. I don’t know, let’s look around.' They finally figured out it would work, but I had all my structural steel, I had fabrication chaps in there, I had material that was, it was 80 percent filled with stuff. Now, it will be 100 percent filled with people within two days,” Building 84 owner Kevin Smith said.

While the building offers shelter from the rain, it has no heat, so visitors are asked to dress accordingly.

The building does have a place in South Bend history as part of Studebaker and is a key part of South Bend’s comeback today: it is being renovated as a home for innovation and all things high tech.

“No matter how you look at it, we’re a part of history, and one of my goals was always to let South Bend play on a world stage again. Well, I think this is a world stage, so that’s fantastic, I met one of my early-on objectives,” Smith said.

Smith says the building should hold about 5,000 people.

Visitors should expect airport-style security checks. Flags, signs, sharp objects and liquids will not be permitted in the venue.