Buttigieg continues campaigning in Iowa

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(NBC) - South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg has brought his newly announced candidacy and its momentum to Iowa.

Buttigieg made his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination official this past Sunday, and he's enjoyed weeks of positive momentum, with growing media attention and a strong $7 million fundraising figure in the first quarter.

But he told reporters that the task now is to convert the attention and resources into a strong campaign across the country. And meeting voters is job No. 1.

"It's nice we're getting a lot of attention on television, but what really matters is, come caucus night, will voters from Fort Dodge to everywhere else in Iowa and also in the other early states believe that I'm the person that's best positioned to deliver the changes that we need," he said. "That means spending quality time answering questions, being on the ground, learning about the different concerns about different parts of the electorate. And it's a lot of unglamorous organizing work. Blocking and tackling work, assembling a team, raising the money. Deploying it in order to get things done."

Buttigieg will be on a special extended "Late Night with Seth Meyers" Thursday night. You can watch it on WNDU.