Buttigieg addresses officer-involved shooting in debate

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MIAMI (WNDU / NBC) - Night 2 of the Democratic presidential debate is in the books, and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg was among the candidates taking part.

Buttigieg and nine other candidates took the stage Miami. Other candidates included former Vice President Job Biden, Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Kamala Harris.

The candidates talked about several topics, including affordable health care in the U.S., bringing down student loan debt and more.

As expected, the officer-involved shooting investigation in South Bend was part of the debate.

"Your community of South Bend, Indiana, has recently been in an uproar over an officer-involved shooting," MSNBC's Rachel Maddow said. "The police force in South Bend is now 6% black in a city that is 26% black. Why has that not improved over your two terms as Mayor?"

"Because I couldn't get it done," Buttigieg said. "My community is in anguish right now because of an officer-involved shooting – a black man, Eric Logan, killed by a white officer. I'm not allowed to take sides until the investigation comes back. The officer says he was attacked with a knife, but he didn't have his body camera on. It's a mess and we're hurting, and I could walk you through all of the things we have done as a community, all of the steps we've taken, from bias training to de-escalation. But it didn't save the life of Eric Logan."

Buttigieg also said it's an issue facing communities around the country.