Brothers face 5 felonies each in connection to South Bend shooting

Steven Gaines II and Stefon Gaines

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) – Two men have been arrested and charged with five felonies apiece after a shooting on South Meade Street late last week.

The two men, brothers Steven Gaines II and Stefon Gaines, allegedly fired into a van carrying two other men over a grudge that stemmed from a previous fight, according to a release from the St. Joseph County Prosecutor's Office.

The shooting happened Thursday in the 200 block of South Meade Street. After being alerted to the shooting by a ShotSpotter activation, police reportedly recovered a total of 28 spent shell casings.

Police found the first victim, 22-year-old Latrell Young, suffering from an apparent gunshot wound to the torso on North Carlisle Street. He was taken to the hospital.

They then found 18-year-old Leroy Jackson on North Brookfield Street. He also had an apparent gunshot wound to the torso and was taken to the hospital.

Jackson told police that before the shooting, he had been in Mishawaka with his brother and Young. They had been in Young's car, but it broke down, and the group got a ride from an unknown white man.

From there, the group went to South Meade Street, where they "interacted with some unknown males" before the other group began shooting into their van. The driver, who at that point still had not been identified, drove a short way away, then told his passengers to get out of the van. Jackson and his brother then walked to their home on North Brookfield.

Young later told police he had been shot by two men, one of whom he knew as "Nuk." The other was Nuk's younger brother.

Young said he and Nuk had been in a physical fight previously, with Young winning the altercation. Young said Nuk had been angry about the outcome ever since.

Nuk and a group of people allegedly jumped Young near the East Race, with Nuk shooting at Young but not hitting him.

On the night of the shooting, when Young, Jackson, Jackson's brother and the driver, later identified as Steven Vogel, arrived at the Meade Street location, they were met by Nuk, or Steven Gaines II, and his brother, Stefon. Steven Gaines II asked Young what he was doing at the Meade Street location, which Steven Gaines II reportedly had accused Young of "shooting up" several days before.

Young was in the passenger seat, and Stefon Gaines reportedly tried to open the door. Young pulled it closed, he told police.

It was then that the Gaines brothers pulled out handguns and began shooting into the van, after which Vogel drove away, but not before Young and Jackson were shot.

When Vogel ordered his passengers from the vehicle, Young collapsed into the street, then made his way to a house and talked with its residents.

Vogel later contacted South Bend police and said he was the unidentified driver of the van at which the Gaines brothers allegedly shot. Vogel reportedly corroborated Jackson and Young's version of the night's events and allowed police to inspect his 1989 Plymouth Voyager, which reportedly had several bullet holes and two red stains on the front passenger seat.

Steven Gaines II, 24, and 23-year-old Stefon Gaines each face charges of Level 1 felony attempted murder and two counts each of attempted battery with a deadly weapon and battery with a deadly weapon, which are both Level 5 felonies. They both also face firearm sentencing enhancements.

The Gaines brothers are both due in court Tuesday afternoon for their initial bail hearings.