Bremen Highway fixed after road buckles

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Mishawaka, Ind. (WNDU) - After two days of detours and frustration, the buckles in Bremen Highway are fixed.

"I have to come through here to go to work, to go to church, to go to the grocery stores," South Bend resident Priscah Odongo said.

County crews filled the holes with concrete Tuesday meaning drivers will no longer have to take detours.

"[We] absolutely acknowledge it's definitely an inconvenience to the traveling public to close down any road as we are in construction season," County engineer Jessica Clark said.

She explained that it can be a mix of hot weather, storms and steam that cause the 4X4 panels to expand and crack.

It's expected in the summer, and she says it costs less to fix the damage than to research other options.

"It's more a function of where that weak point is going to be in that pavement, at that given time, based on the climatic conditions and that's a little hard to predict without spending a lot of money on some stress gauges and that type of thing which would be more of a research project."

For some residents and commuters, they say, that the road buckling has become a major safety concern but others say that they are taking this construction in stride and just being patient."

Ellen Berkey, who just moved to the area, is dealing with this while still learning her way around Mishawaka.

"If I can't turn and go down Bremen to go through Mishawaka, I don't know which way to go," she said.

Meanwhile, Odongo is trying to stay calm.

"It's not fun, I must tell you. But I'm just being patient, hoping that it's for the better," she said.

Though there's no plan to research other solutions for the buckling, county workers do return each year to create relief points in the panels to help alleviate pressure.

Weather permitting, Bremen Highway is expected to reopen to regular traffic* late tomorrow.