Black Lives Matter Rally in South Bend Draws Big Crowd

Published: Jun. 6, 2020 at 12:29 AM EDT
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Over a thousand people gathered at the Jon R. Hunt Plaza in downtown South Bend Friday for a Black Lives Matter Rally.

It was organized by high school graduates.

Grieving mothers took the stage and shared their personal pain.

"I stand strong for the mothers who don't get justice. I am out here fighting for the ones who can get justice. It is my duty to make sure another mother doesn't go through what I went through," said Loria Perez.

"I'm going to get justice for my son. I am going to get justice for my son right here. His life ended too soon. They don't understand the hurt and the pain that I go through every day, just trying to get up out of my bed, and it hurts me deeply," said Shalonda Witherspoon.

"A lot of issues are really things that plague our community. We have seen a lot of our peers lost to gun violence or ended up in jail for petty we really wanted to bring awareness to that tonight," said organizer Anna Fuller.

Demonstrators then marched and chanted to the courthouse.

"Metaphorically you are standing on a page of history and you should be proud of that because 30 years down the line do you know how embarrassing it would be to say to your children, 'I didn't do anything,'" said one of the speakers.

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