Bill to regulate the start of the school year in Indiana fails to pass

Published: Feb. 28, 2017 at 4:28 PM EST
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A bill to regulate the start of the school year in Indiana left state senators deadlocked.

The vote was 25 in favor, and 25 against. The bill that would have forbid the school year to start before the fourth Monday in August is dead.

"Some people might say why do you need to do this? Why are you doing this to us? Well, we now have schools starting in July folks. July," said Sen. Jean Leising (R)

"This is an issue that I think started as a result of ISTEP testing in the fall, teachers and schools wanted to have a little few extra days to prepare the kids for ISTEP, well we moved ISTEP to the spring several years ago," said Sen. Dennis Kruse (R)

"I don't know if anybody contacted IHSAA but I did, there is no way you can have a uniform they're gonna have to change every sport schedule that they have," said Sen. Greg Taylor (D). "They're probably going to have to cut a couple of football games and a couple baseball games."

Thirteen states now regulate the start of the school year.