Bethel College grads plan border road trip project

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Two brothers who grew up near the Mexican border, but studied in Michiana, say they're soon headed back to the border for a big road trip.

Jordan and Yonathan Moya will travel the southern border telling stories through pictures on Instagram

Jordan and Yonathan Moya say they'll rent a car and drive more than 1,600 miles, stopping to take pictures and visit with anyone who has a story to tell.

Jordan moya has an eye for photography. With thousands of pictures on his computer, Moya admits, he doesn't always know where he'll end up.

“I saw her hula hooping and thought, this would be a really cool spot to take a photo,” Jordan said.

So, who better to document over a thousand miles of American desert?

“He said, ‘Hey Jordan, I have this idea, would you like to help me. And I said, sure, why not. Let's do it,” Jordan said.

Soon, Jordan who's in South Bend, and brother Yonathan in Minneapolis will reunite in their hometown for a week's worth of windshield time.

“We expect to do a lot of couch surfing,” Jordan said.

“That's where we grew up. That's where our family is,” Yonathan said.

Thanks to some generous backers on Kickstarter, the Moyas have collected over $2,000 to drive from Brownsville to San Diego, following the path where president Donald Trump wants to build a new border wall.

“I think when people refer to structures, it's almost like taking the humanity out of that region,” Yonathan said.

“There are people there, there are families, there are children,” Jordan said.

With social media as their megaphone, the Moyas will snap hundreds of photos capturing people and stories on both sides of the border.

“We just want to listen. And hopefully through our listening, we can learn something and share that with others,” Yonathan said.

“It's a story I’ve known all my life and that Yonathan has known all his life,” Jordan said.

They leave on February 25th and finish around March 5th.

They're calling the trip "Border Perspective”; you can follow their travels on their Instagram page.