Berrien County residents report several attempted car break-ins

ST. JOSEPH TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WNDU) - St. Joseph Township police are warning residents to lock their cars after a series of attempted car break-ins.

“There is some strange looking character roaming around,” resident Janet Fello said.

Police say they've received several reports of an individual, caught on surveillance, trying to get inside unlocked vehicles.

“My husband got up started looking at the cameras and was like, ‘You got to come in here and look at this!’” Fello said.

Residents say it happened near the intersection of Fairlawn Road and Carrie Lane in St. Joseph Township after midnight.

Police say the suspect has a very distinct walk – a walk way too familiar for the Fellos, who believe they saw this individual try to break into their vehicle last year.

“This is just like last summer, and it looked like the same guy, but this time he covered himself up," Fello said.

Janet Fello’s husband, Tom, says he hopes sharing their surveillance footage will help protect their neighborhood from any more break-ins.

"There are elderly people living in here and everybody's scared, so that's why we're here. If we can get the footage out there again, maybe somebody can identify them."

Police ask if you are able to identify the suspect or if someone has attempted to break into your vehicle to call the St. Joseph Township Police Department immediately.