Supporters gather for Bernie Sanders rally at Century Center

Published: Apr. 28, 2016 at 10:53 PM EDT
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In two days, we'll know who won over Indiana voters in the statewide primary.

In the meantime, four presidential candidates are making a last-ditch effort to share their message with Hoosier voters, and two of them were in Michiana Sunday evening.

Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders sat down with NewsCenter 16. He believes he can swing the Hoosier State, adding it offers more than delegates.

"It would get us the kind of momentum we need as we head down the final stretch of the campaign, ending up in California, which is our largest state," said Sanders.

Supporters applauded proposals such as a free college and higher minimum wage. Others approved of Sanders, the individual.

"He, himself, is just here for the people. He's the most honest person there's ever been," said one supporter.

"My big draw is that I'm starting to feel really inspired for the first time in a long time, and he stands up a lot for the younger generation, I feel. He stands up a lot for marginalized and disenfranchised community," said South Bend resident Katy Buda.

First-time voter Ben Ladow feels other candidates are too opaque.

"When I think about what the other candidates believe, it's hard for me to sort of fathom what they want versus what Bernie wants. It may seem a little outlandish, but it's easy for me to understand, and I agree with it," explained Ladow, a Mishawaka resident.

A White House sans Sanders spawned fear among a few voters.

"I don't think we're gonna have a middle class left if we don't have Bernie, and I don't think our planet's gonna last through my grandchildren, and we definitely have to get money out of politics," said Lori St. Clair, a Chesterton resident.

Sanders is calling for a "political revolution."

"What we need to do is revitalize the American democracy. We need to involve millions of people in the political progress -- people who are prepare to stand up and say, 'We need a government that represents all of us -- not just the one-percent," he said.

As Sanders explained, Sunday is a significant day for his presidential campaign.

"Now just coincidentally, turns out that today marks the anniversary, one year anniversary, of when we began this campaign. And my goodness, we have come a long way in a year," he told the crowd. "When we began this campaign, we had no political organization, no money, no name recognition outside of Vermont. We were running three percent in the polls, 60 points behind Secretary Clinton. We were taking on the entire Democratic establishment. Well that was then and today is today. As of today, we have now won 17 caucuses and primaries, and with your help on Tuesday, Indiana will be number 18."

"Looks to me like South Bend is ready for a political revolution. Looks to me like we're gonna win here on Tuesday," Senator Bernie Sanders told an enthusiastic crowd at Century Center.

Posted by WNDU on Sunday, May 1, 2016