Benton Harbor superintendent earns 'ineffective' score on evaluation

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Benton Harbor's school board deemed current Superintendent Shelly Walker ineffective during her evaluation.

This comes just one month after she was placed on paid leave.

while she's still on leave, she's still in her position,

And if she comes back, she'll have plenty to work on to make sure next year's score improves.

Walker was asked to score herself and the school district on a scale of one through four in front of the board. In many categories, she ended up giving herself threes and fours. Those scores lined up with the scores she was given on her last evaluation.

"Board members changed some of their scores," Board Member Joseph Taylor said. "So that's how we had an effective evaluation last year."

This year, it was different when it came to the board members to score, giving Walker the complete opposite.

"If I could give a negative 1,000 I would, but I can only give 0.5," Board Member Lisa Gulley said.

Many of those scores we backed up by board members citing errors they've seen or complaints they've heard.

"The information given was extremely negative about staff, about the district," Board President Marletta seats said. "And so I'm giving it a one."

In the end, all of those low scores ended up putting Walker and the district at a 36 percent, which is classified as ineffective.

"The state has an expectation that this is, to some extent, a developmental process," Michigan Association of School Boards Facilitator Donna Oser said. "So what that means is that because you have rated your superintendent as less than effective, now it behooves the board to begin the process of developing a development plan in conjunction with the superintendent, so that the superintendent knows what areas that she needs to work on."

The board says they don't have a return date set for Walker. They said she will remain on leave until the investigation is finished.