Benton Harbor residents stay safe during day of shooting

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Early Tuesday morning dozens of people filled Pavone Street where Darius Wimberly was shot and killed. The people were pretty frustrated with what they heard, but as the day turned into night, their frustration turned to mourning.

For a while, it seemed like tensions were pretty high and people might start to get a little violent. Luckily, the community stayed peaceful far into the night. During a community relations talk with the media, the mayor said after the riot in 2003, nobody wants to see a repeat and they've all learned from that situation.

"Well you know, it's difficult to prepare for situations and such, however, we had a situation in 2003 that kind of just came out of nowhere," Mayor Marcus Muhammad said. "So we have seen something similar before, different circumstance, and I think that the leadership we have in the community, clergy, our staff working together with the community, we can allow for cooler heads to prevail."

Just because nothing ended up happening doesn't mean everything is all over. The mayor says they have plenty of groups which will be working to help all of the community relations in the future- especially police. Members of the community say relations have definitely taken a hit. Until they know the entire situation played out exactly as police said, there's still going to be some distrust in the community.

The mayor kept away from any question about the body camera video in his meeting, saying the video will be released in the future.

He wouldn't say if he had seen it, or if releasing the video would even help any minds be at ease.