Benton Harbor elementary teacher buys new shoes for students in need

Published: Mar. 20, 2017 at 9:47 AM EDT
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When a local elementary teacher saw her students were in need of new shoes, she stepped in and stepped up to raise the money.

Sean Kellogg teaches at Countryside Academy, and she noticed students where coming to school in less than ideal footwear.

“I chose shoes because I’ve seen so many times that shoes are falling apart or the laces don’t work anymore or they’re worn out or they’re wearing shoes that are too big or too small,” says Kellogg.

She crowd-funded $500 thorough in a matter of five hours. The website gives teachers the ability to get classroom projects funded by public and corporate donations. With the money Kellogg raised she was able to buy 22 brand new pairs of shoes for Countryside Academy.

“I thought if a child needs a new pair of shoes, surely they’re worthy of a new pair of shoes,” says Kellogg.

The shoes came in around the beginning of March. There are a variety of sizes and styles for boys and girls to choose from.

They school is setting up the donations so teachers who see a student who has worn out shoes can discreetly let the child pick out a new pair.

At least one student is already enjoying a new pair of sneakers and many more students whose shoes are in poor shape will no longer have to make due.

Now that they have some shoes to start with, Kellogg says they're hoping that little by little donations will trickle in so they can provide more shoes down the line as their stock depletes.

Countryside Academy is accepting donations. They can be reached at 269- 944-3319.