Bangor business expects to sell recreational marijuana in 'one or two weeks'

Published: Dec. 2, 2019 at 3:21 PM EST
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A marijuana milestone has been reached in Michigan: On Sunday, Dec. 1, licensed retail outlets began selling recreational pot.

Of the half dozen stores in question, four were in Ann Arbor, one was on the Ohio border and one was in Evart.

At one store in Ann Arbor, a man who made the first purchase did so after standing in line for 10 hours

In southwest Michigan, several stores are awaiting action on their recreational license applications, including the Green Door in Bangor.

“And we’re anticipating one week to two weeks we should have an adult-use license to start providing adult-use product,” the Green Door’s Mark Smith said.

The Green Door filed more paperwork Monday, and the store will be pre-inspected by the state Tuesday.

Officials at the Green Door are excited yet realistic about the prospect of selling adult-use marijuana.

“There's going to be a major shortage. So, the state has given us an opportunity to move up to 50% of our medical inventory into the recreational inventory, but the problem with that is there's not enough medical inventory to go around,” Smith explained. “One of the main reasons that we have smokeable flower is because I grow it. If I didn’t grow it, I wouldn’t have any of that at all. I mean, there’s none to be bought.”

Smith said medical cardholders helped the store get where it is and he won’t penalize them just to sell recreational marijuana.

Smith said the recent recall of all THC-related vaping products was also playing a role in the shortage.

A spokesperson for ReLeaf Dispensary in Niles said they, too, have applied to sell recreational marijuana but weren’t sure when the state might act on the application.

In Buchanan, three adult-use business applications have been filed, but there are still a few local steps left to take before those applications reach the state.

“We certainly want to work to support the economy and, you know, the business since the voters approved it, but we also need to be able to control what happens in our community,” Buchanan Zoning Administrator Debra Patzer said. “If we issue, approve those special uses in January, there isn't any reason that the city commission wouldn't approve the permit in the same month, so that hopefully they could be open as early as February.”

In January of 2020, the state of Illinois will allow the sale of recreational marijuana.