Awesome Fund Winners announced

Last month NewsCenter 16 told you about the 'awesome fund', a set of grants awarded by South Bend's 'Awesome Foundation' chapter to people who want to make the city a better place to live.

On Tuesday night, the first three winners of the thousand dollar grants were announced.

Receiving grants were the Birdsell Project, which turns vacant spaces into homes for artists.

The River Lights Music Festival, which will bring together bands and musicians at the beginning of next month.

And the LGBTQ Center, which works with the gay, lesbian, and transgender community.

They were chosen out of eleven finalists.

"You know, it also feels good to be surrounded by so many other cool projects and people that have supported us along the way. I kind of pity the group that had to choose the top three out of the 11 that presented tonight," said Myles Robertson, The Birdsell Project.

At the very end, a surprise fourth grant was awarded to 'Resurrect The Roses at Leeper Park', which is working to restore that rose garden to its former glory.

New grants will be given out each quarter.

You can submit your idea online at