Anti-abortion forces want fetal remains identified

Published: Sep. 17, 2019 at 4:50 PM EDT
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Indiana’s attorney general has contacted his counterpart in Illinois.

Both have agreed to work together to investigate fetal remains found at the Illinois home of Dr. Ulrich George Klopfer, who performed abortions in Indiana.

While officials haven’t said much about what the investigation might entail, those in the anti-abortion community have been very vocal and very specific about what they expect.

“We’re asking specifically that all three of his clinics be inspected, so we go in there and research -- that’s in South Bend, Fort Wayne, and Gary. Secondly, we’re asking for an investigation into who his operations and if there was anybody else that was complicit in storing and moving the bodies across state lines or selling them. And thirdly, we’d like the remains to be identified. We have many women who have been coming to us asking if their baby is in his garage, and so we think they deserve to know,” St. Joseph County Right to Life Executive Director Jackie Appleman said.

Anti-abortion groups on Tuesday gathered at the site of Klopfer’s former clinic to demand the action.

Along Ironwood Circle, some have wondered for years what was happening to fetal remains. Like the folks at the Chapel of Devine Mercy at Life Center next door.

The center has a surveillance system with cameras pointed at the former clinic. The system is motion-activated and keeps a close eye on activities on the clinic grounds.

“You would have thought that there would have to be biomedical waste removal at some point during that time, and there never was,” said Shawn Sullivan with Apostolate of Devine Mercy.

Sullivan says he kept track of clinic activity starting in 2012.

“Something had to be happening with the aborted fetuses from all the abortions that he did,” he said.

Sullivan says Klopfer was known to cut the clinic grass himself with a weed wacker and trim the trees with a chain saw, leaving Sullivan to believe he was pinching pennies.

“Well, cheap probably had something to do with it, cutting corners and not being able to pay for the biomedical removal of that waste,” Sullivan said.

The anti-abortion community on Tuesday collectively struggled to figure out how to right what they see as such a wrong.

“We are calling for the remains to be given a proper and dignified burial if they can be identified and reconnected with their mothers and their families. Then, I think that would be the ideal situation,” Appleman said.

Serena Dyksen says she was a 13-yearold rape victim when she had an abortion at the Women’s Pavilion.

“For me, closure would be just know if my baby was on his property so that I can just have a proper burial,” she said.

Tenezia Ivory said she was forced to have an abortion at the hands of Klopfer in 2008.

“I’m looking to sue," she said. "Pain and suffering. ... I’m looking to sue. That would be my justice, my closure.”

16 News Now received a written statement from one of Klopfer’s former employees, who wrote she was “shocked and deeply disturbed” by the recent reports. Liam Morley pledged to cooperate with investigators in any way possible.