Amish Acres to reopen under new ownership by Easter

NAPPANEE, Ind. (WNDU) - If you have been to Amish Acres, you know it's one of the best-known Amish tourist destinations around the country.

Photo from Amish Acres on Facebook

So, when it closed this past year and was auctioned off to new ownership, people wondered if it would ever be the same. In response, part-owner Marlin Stutzman spoke to 16 News Now about that on Monday.

"There is so much interest in Amish Acres and what was going to happen to it. There will be some changes, but it will still be that attraction here in Nappanee,” Stutzman said.

It is an attraction that will look to stick it to its old-fashioned Amish flavors, the famous arts and crafts festival, and the 400-seat Round Barn Theater.

With the old, however, also comes the new.

“Tours are still going to happen of the original Amish farmstead and then the arts and crafts festival, but we are also going to add some festivals too,” Stutzman said.

But that's not all. Original, never-before-seen shows at Amish Acres will be added when it opens under new ownership on Easter weekend -- and under a new name?

“We are going to be unveiling the new name,” Stutzman told 16 News Now reporter Ibarhim Samra Monday.

When asked to clarify if new ownership is parting ways with the Amish Acres name entirely, here’s Stutzman's response:

“Amish Acres will be a part of it, but we are trying to show that this is going to be Amish Acres but there is going to be a new name for the bulk of the facilities here,” Stutzman said.

Stutzman says the new name, along with a few other surprises, will be unveiled at a press conference on March 4.

The grand reopening will kick off with a ribbon-cutting followed by a never-before-seen show at Amish Acres on April 10.