Amish Acres closing after one last New Year's celebration

NAPPANEE, Ind (WNDU) One of Nappanee's most popular attractions, Amish Acres, is officially closing its doors, but not before entertaining their guests one last time.

16 News Now learned how this one of a kind property is leaving its legacy.

In the same year Amish Acres celebrated their 50th year in business, the owners decided to close their doors.

It's a Nappanee landmark that will be missed by those who grew up with it.

"Knowing some of the Amish in our community and knowing what a vital part they play in our economy--several of them have started businesses and started cottage shops around the area--the Amish culture is not going to go away. Having a destination for people around the nation to come to to learn about the lifestyle is certainly going to be missed,” said Nappanee Mayor Phil Jenkins.

Becky Cappert started working here in the restaurant twenty years ago.

As she's moved up the ranks, she said she noticed how important Amish Acres became for teaching people how the Amish live.

"It's played a huge role. That was always Mr. Pletcher's vision. When he started Amish Acres he wanted to preserve the way of Amish life and teach outsiders about the Amish. With everything you can see on social media and T.V., getting the actual facts straight and educating people about the Amish was a big part of what we did,” said Amish Acres Marketing Director Becky Cappert.

Monday night, they're getting ready to host Tuesday's grand finale--one last New Year’s eve, and a performance of their best-selling production of Beauty and the Beast.

"Our New Year's Eve celebration, I've worked almost every New Year's Eve. That's always a big party with big fun. We'll have fireworks at midnight so we're going out with a bang tomorrow night and I think I'll treasure those memories the most," Cappert said.

Staying hopeful some new owners come by to open Amish Acres once again.

Amish Acres says that refunds are in process for people who bought 2020 season tickets, and will be finished after the holidays.

For questions about refunds, call this toll free number: (800) 800-4942

If the property isn't sold privately by the owners, it will go up for auction on February 5th, giving you could have a chance to buy a piece of history.

28 acres of land split up among 16 different tracts will be up for bid, and you can partake on site or online.

There will be four different inspection dates for anyone interested in getting a closer look at the property.

Auction inspection dates will be on Jan. 5th, 16th, & 25th and Feb. 4th.

For more information on the auction contact Schrader Auctions on their website or by phone at 800-451-2709.