Amendments expected to Indiana school bus safety bill Wednesday

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - An Indiana House Committee is expected to add more amendments to a school bus safety bill Wednesday.

It's a story Tricia Sloma is following closely as part of her reports "Never Again: Preventing Bus Stop Tragedies."

The House Courts and Criminal Code Committee is considering the 'Max Strong' Bill. It's named for the three Fulton County siblings struck and killed by a pick-up while boarding their bus last October.

The bill calls for a number of safety changes including curbside pickup and drop off, stop arm cameras and increased penalties for violations.

Lawmakers added two amendments last week. One requires school buses to use reflective tape and daytime running lights.

Also, video images, captured during stop arm camera violations, must be kept in confidence until they are entered as evidence.

Today's committee meeting is at 10:30 a.m.