Amazing-condition 1966 Ford Mustang hits the sales floor in Niles

Published: Mar. 4, 2019 at 4:03 PM EST
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When the Ford Mustang was first introduced to the world, they called it "the unexpected."

Now what's unexpected is that you can purchase one of the first versions to exist right here in Niles in amazing condition.

The classic 1966 Ford Mustang automobile galloped into Niles with boss features like a five-dial instrument cluster, outside mirrors, a flasher warning system and the luxury stereo-sonic tape system, just like mom and pop had.

"A lot of people have attached sentimentally to a car like that," Campbell Ford salesman Erik Blad said. "You know? Their dad had one or their mom had one or they grew up and that was the car that they wanted."

The Mustang only has 39,000 miles on it and has all original parts, so it's essentially been kept in a time capsule from the late '60s. The 2019 Mustang goes for $53,000, so guess how much this classic will set you back?

"We're asking around $25,000 right now," Blad said.

"Only $25,000?" Our reporter asked.

"Yeah, we did our research on eBay and other avenues that people sell these kind of cars, and that's kind of what they're going for," Blad said.

So why's the '66 a lot cheaper than the '19? Well, this car is exactly how you remember it, which is unfortunate. That means no air bags, no air conditioning and just no modern safety features.

"They're a lot more reliable nowadays," Blad said, "You know, they're engineered a lot better, they're manufactured, they use a lot better parts. The research and development that goes into making something in today's day and age is a lot more time is consumed than back in the day, I would imagine."

You can tell just by taking a look under the hood that modern cars are equipped with a whole lot more. In the '66, you can see a battery, engine block and fluid bag. In the '19, I can't even tell you what all is there, except that those parts are going to cost much more.

"Yeah, $2,000, I mean, a motor costs more than $2,000 nowadays," Blad said. "A tire and wheel is about $1,000."

"So for the price of [the 1966 Mustang] when it came out, you can buy one piece of [the 2019 Mustang]?" our reporter asked.

"Right," Blad said. "Pretty much."

But the person who is looking to buy a '66 Mustang isn't someone looking for GPS systems or top-of-the-line safety features. It's nostalgia that sells this car.

"We have it aggressively priced," Blad said. "The right person will come in and put it in their collection, or start a collection."

As the Mustang brand trots on, salesmen say today's Mustangs might be better off than the '66 when they've been around for 53 years, but we'll just have to wait and see about that.

The Mustang is over at Campbell Ford and it's one of a kind, so if you want it, hop on it now.

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