AG warns against callers claiming to be from Social Security Administration

Published: Sep. 28, 2018 at 4:13 PM EDT
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Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill is warning Indiana residents about a scam involving callers claiming to be from the Social Security Administration.

The attorney general's office has received dozens of calls from consumers who say they have been contacted with automated messages representing themselves as being from the SSA.

The messages have told Hoosiers they are being monitored on suspicion of illegal activity, according to a release from the attorney general's office. People who have been contacted have been told they must return the call, or else their social security numbers would be canceled.

The attorney general's office urges anyone receiving any such calls to contact their office by calling 800-382-5516 or by visiting


Hill also reminded Hoosiers not to provide personal information over the phone to callers like these.

“The perpetrators of these hoaxes are trying to steal your identity in order to make fraudulent purchases or commit other wrongdoing,” Hill said in a release.