Second business targeted by 'hateful' messages

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A cafe in Stevensville has been targeted with what they say is a hateful message posted to their backdoor, and it was not the only one.

On Monday, 16 News Now learned that a second cafe in southwest Michigan received a similar or possibly identical letter posted to their door the same day as the Stevensville cafe.

After speaking with Lincoln Charter Township police Monday, 16 News Now learned a second business was targeted, a business that the owner used to work at: Luisa's Cafe.

"It's racist, and it's hate-filled garbage," said Ryan Bendoski, the the co-owner, along with Jayme Bendoski, at Full Circle Cafe in Stevensville.

"There is no doubt it is white supremacist framework," Jayme Bendoski said.

The second business targeted is 12 miles south of Stevensville in Harbert, Michigan. The letter they received is almost identical to the one left at Full Circle Cafe.

"It's odd because I used to work there," Jayme Bendoski said. "... I did not see what was posted on her door, but I sent her what was posted on ours, and she said it was the same. I don't know who it was, but I know it's someone who obviously knows our space well, maybe knows our customers and our staff."

And perhaps knows her former employer, Vivian May, owner of Luisa's cafe.

"They had had the same thing happen, at which point I reached out to Vivian because I used to work for her, and I asked her if she did, and she actually wasn't sure at first, and then she got back to me at the end of her workday and said, yes, indeed they had gotten the same thing," Jayme Bendoski said.

"It was bizarre, but it was kind of comforting to know that we weren't the only ones," Ryan Bendoski added.

The owners of Full Circle Cafe want everyone to know, this isn't a stunt.

"We've had a couple fingers pointed at us that this is for publicity; this is really serious, this is a dangerous time," Jayme Bendoski said.

Ryan then added, "It's not a hoax, it's not fake news"

Lincoln Charter Township police and Chikaming Township police are still investigating, and if you know anything, they ask that you reach out.