A cut above the rest: Local teen gives haircuts to homeless

Published: Sep. 27, 2016 at 7:37 AM EDT
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You know that feeling, the one you get right after a good haircut? Well, two people spent Monday spreading that feeling to as many homeless people they could find.

But, the story really started on Sunday. Nineteen-year-old Julio Rodriguez says he was feeling really good about himself and wanted to spread that to other people through his passion, cutting hair.

He says he was driving around and found a homeless man in need of a haircut so he gave him one. That feeling, the one he got after helping just one person, drove him to clip and cut another day

Rodriguez and his 23-year-old friend Zach Fozo teamed up to cut hair together on Monday. They decided to make their way into downtown South Bend. They set up at the corner of Main and Bronson, right where a lot of homeless people are living right now.

“We just out here just trying to give out nice little cuts, spread some love,” says Rodriguez.

Spread some love in their own community of South Bend to those that need it the most, those without a home.

“You know, just come out here and change somebody's life. Give them some hope you know. Make them feel good about themselves for a day or two,” says Fozo.

“I seen these guys on the news and I figured they needed to be blessed because a haircut can do a lot of things for you. Can make you feel good about yourself,” adds Rodriguez. “I will do anything possible, really. Long hair, short hair, beards, mustaches… I will be out here today as long as I can, you know. Just as long as everyone out here feels good and gets a haircut then I will be happy.”

He is happy to use his only two days off to work for complete strangers.

“Man, he is a good guy. He shows nothing but love to anybody and everybody,” says Fozo about Rodriguez.

“I feel like a lot of people need to understand that we all come from different places and we all got different backgrounds and we should never be too judgmental and stuff you know,” adds Rodriguez.

Julio and Zach are in school right now, learning how to cut hair. Julio gets his license in two months. He says he wants to open up his own shop in South Bend as he continues to pursue his two passions, helping people and cutting hair. Zach has about a year or so left in school.