A pilgrim's purpose

Published: Aug. 18, 2017 at 12:43 AM EDT
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Pat Sarb, Notre Dame graduate and member of the school's 1973 championship team, is one of the dozens of pilgrims walking for a cause.

"I’ve trained a lot for this," said Sarb. "I’ve actually gotten back down to my college playing weight after all these years."

Like his former coach Ara Parseghian, he too has had tough battles both on the field and off.

"The same team that researches Ara Parseghian’s grandchildren’s disease, that same team is researching NKH," said Sarb who says he's walking for his grandson.

His 6-year-old grandson Owen suffers from a rare genetic disorder called Non-Ketotic Hyperglycemia, also known as NKH.

It's when glycine accumulates in the body.

It can result in low muscle tone, seizures and severe apnea. His grandson Owen suffers with the most severe form of the disease.

"I’m trying to be bring more awareness to the Boler-Parseghian center and more specifically awareness to the disease NKH that my grandson has," said Sarb on his purpose for walking. "That’s the benefit of it but a lot of pain that goes with it."

But one way to get rid of that pain is by walking it off. And on a day where the message was patience, Pat is learning how virtuous it is.

"It makes me feel like I can do something about it," Sarb said.

To learn more about NKH and how you can help find a cure,


for more information about the Notre Dame Trail.