$82M plans would address SR 933 west of Notre Dame campus

Published: Sep. 14, 2017 at 6:05 PM EDT
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Over the years, the roads around three sides of the Notre Dame campus have been rebuilt and reconfigured.

Now, major changes are being discussed for State Road 933 between Angela and Douglas, the road that separates the Notre Dame campus from Saint Mary’s and Holy Cross.

It’s a five lane highway with a suggested 40 mile per hour speed limit that could be a lot more pedestrian friendly. “But what really isn’t necessary along that entire stretch is the left turn lane. It’s really only needed at three spots along the intersections so what we would do is remove that turn lane and create a median, said Paul Phair, Vice President of Development for Holladay Properties. “A place where again, pedestrians when they’re trying to cross the street east-west would have a place of refuge if they don’t make it all the way.”

Also under discussion is the possibility of commercial development at the northeast corner of Douglas and State Road 933, although it probably wouldn’t be as dense as the buildup along Eddy Street.

“It really would be a mix of uses so you'd have a large office component right on the corner, as well as some commercial retail uses. I think kind of food service, potential grocery, some other banking services, things of that nature And then a residential component as well. We expect to see town homes as apartments of some sort,” said Paul Phair.

Phair stressed that the planning process is in the early stages although there is a sign that the parties involved are ready to take the first step. Holladay has applied for a Regional Cities grant to help offset the cost of the multi-use path.

According to the application, a $1.94 million dollar state grant would spur $82,985,070 in total development.