80-acre Tree-Mendus Fruit Farm property bought at auction for $335,000

Published: May. 25, 2020 at 5:01 PM EDT
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After announcing they were closing for good at the end of 2019, Tree-Mendus Fruit Farm is now under new ownership.

16 News Now tells us how the end of one chapter means the start of another.

80 acres went up for auction Monday at Tree-Mendus Fruit Farm, but for those selling it, it's hard to put a price on the time they've spent here.

"It's priceless because of the memories," said one of the family members selling the farm, Lynne Sage-Teichman. "I remember as a 14-year old, being inside this building and working. I remember just a few years after that working with some of my high school friends. Between having the international annual pit-spitting championship, the rent-a-tree program, tours, it's very hard to see this go."

Lynne's family says goodbye to their property today, making room for a new owner to create new memories.

John Glassman is in charge of auctioning off the property, and for someone who has his own memories at Tree-Mendus, he told us what it means for someone to have the opportunity to buy this property.

"It hasn't been offered for 60 years and you have an opportunity here where it's for sale, and that opportunity may not come up again for another 50-60 years,' Glassman said.

While unfortunate circumstances forced the Teichmans to sell the farm, they have high hopes for its next owner.

"Somebody who will be a good custodian and take care of things and be good neighbors. And I think in the end I'm just going to have to say, let God's will be done," Lynne said.

Passing their farm along after three generations.

The Moore family will be the new owners of the property after buying all 80 acres for $335,000.

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