7-week youth summer camp coming to Elkhart's Tolson Center

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ELKHART, Ind. (WNDU) - In exciting news for families in Elkhart, the city is bringing its youth summer camp program back to the Tolson Community and Youth Center.

Mayor Tim Neese and Parks and Recreation Department Superintendent Randy Norton made the announcement Friday morning.

It will be a seven-week camp beginning on June 10 and wrapping up on July 26. They will be able to fit 200 chilren in the four venues, which are Willowdale Pavilion, High Dive Park, McNaughton Park Pavilion and, of course, the Tolson Center.

Both Neese and Norton believe this is a big step in what's to come for the center.

"In addition to summer program, we also want to reinstitute the programs we used to have, as well as youth soccer program," Neese said.

"We'll look into programing that benefits both the community and department as a whole," Norton said. "I think with a very defined area of programming, we can keep it going."

The cost is $60 per student to participate in the seven weeks of activities.